Friday, July 5th @ 8:00 PM

The Georgia Thunderbolts come from a wide variety of musical influences. Being from the state of Georgia, we have been very fortunate to be exposed to the music of great southern rock bands like the Allman Brothers, Wet Willie, Marshall Tucker and Lynyrd Skynyrd. We have also been influenced by R&B and soul greats James Brown and Sam Cooke. Raised in a rural setting calling Rome, Georgia our home, country and blues runs through our veins like a southern stream.

Van Winkle & the Spirits is Kentucky Homegrown Americana. Music that hits your soul from the inside and makes you feel good. Van Winkle & the Spirits music fills a void long left at the heart of Americana Rock music by artists such as The Band.

A collaboration of seasoned musicians that share a common thread in music. “Our original music paints a wide brushstroke of influences” says Jonathan Tomes, lead singer for the group. “We all grew up in spiritual households and were raised on gospel from an early age.” That statement is true to the core of Van Winkle & the Spirits sound. “When Jonathan is maneuvering through his vocal range on stage or in the studio, it’s almost like going to church, except a little more Rock N Roll” says bassist David Rich. “We just like playing music that we like to listen to, whether its a rocking guitar or a mandolin and dobro” says guitarist David Erickson. “We love playing live shows, but the studio really captures our sound” says guitarist Donny Alvey.